You can book us by filling out the form below or you can call us at (850) 585-4384.

Booking is confirmed once you have paid in full and /or deposit and or/ reserved via credit card and RECEIVED a confirmation text and/ or email from Big John Charter Boat regarding your booking. Your booking message will have the word “CONFIRMED” in it.

If you didn’t receive any confirmation after payment you may call us at (850) 585-4384 or you can email as at fishon@bigjohnfishing.com

Everyone is different, and motion of the ocean can cause sea sickness, especially if you aren’t used to deep sea conditions. We recommend you take sea sickness medication as per instructions. We also recommend to always bring your prescribe medicines if you have.

First you need to prepare yourself, we recommend that you get plenty of rest and if possible, resist the urge to consume big amounts of alcohol the night before the charter. We also recommend that you bring your medicines and other personal stuff.

Congratulations for trying something new! Fishing is an experience for everyone and there’s plenty of novice fisherman in every charter. You will be assisted by our experienced skipper and deckhand so feel free to ask for any help.

Fishing is the experience we offer, and fish is your prize. A prize has to be won, and 99.9% times everyone’s a winner. We have the latest fish finder devices and above all our staff have years of experience of the best fishing spots, But we can’t guarantee fish.

If we have a mild to moderate showers, the charters will go ahead as fish are already wet. Thunderstorms and very high ocean waves can be unsafe so we’ll have to reschedule to the next available date. The best indicators of a charter proceeding are wind and swell as these impact fishing conditions.

There could be unforeseen circumstances such as when the boat suddenly malfunctions or if there’s a storm or if there are any other unforeseen valid circumstances.  We will be rescheduling your charter to the next best date available.

Unfortunately, we cannot take you back to the port as other paid passengers still need to enjoy and finish their trip. You will be provided with water and a place to rest. You will only be brought back to shore for medical emergencies.

Trying something new or checking off something from your bucket list is definitely worth it. If you’re not happy with fishing, you can enjoy the view while we cruise the ocean.

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